Dale_to_Dale-259x300Dear Dale Jr.,

We are moving forward with the vision, Dale. The vision God gave us “to live out” together. Looks like we’ll be doing it for you now and not with you. You have inspired many many people to live a better life and get closer to God. You had become such an anointed man of God that nobody could be close to you without feeling the presence of God.

You have touched my life and inspired me beyond measure. You have inspired your family,church and total strangers to live a better life and get closer to God. You let the love of God and the Compassion of Jesus Christ shine through you for all to see. We intend to tell your story and inspire people with who you are and live out the vision God gave us.

Your story and the inspiring man you are will live on here on earth to do the works of Jesus. To inspire others to come to Jesus and live a Godly life. To reach out to others for the good of Gods kingdom and to have eternal life. We will live out the vision telling your story and use the attack of Satan against you to win people to Christ. And you build up treasures in heaven for your inspiration and dedication to God just like you were here.

Pastor Joe had a book about the one thing you can’t do for God in Heaven is win souls for Christ. Your inspiring life and story will enable us to do just that with the help of the Holy Spirit. We will tell your story and that you are in Heaven and still winning souls for Christ. We love you Dale Jr. and God will carry out His vision through us using your story to do mighty things on this earth.

Dale Settle Sr.